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Guidelines About Emojis in Business Communication

Guidelines About Emojis in Business Communication

Guidelines About Emojis in Business Communication


Yellow happy faces have made their way into your workplace

The word netiquette combines ’net’ (internet) and étiquette (a french expression to indicate manners). It simply refers to respecting other users’ views and displaying common courtesy when using the web, especially on Internet forum or blogs conversation.

But, what about instant messaging etiquette?

Emojis are great, they are very popular for a reason: is an efficiently way to tell others
how we feel when words sometimes can’t. Likewise, it’s important to know how to
communicate without emojis, so keep your writing skills sharp.

Moreover, you don’t want to confuse informal and unprofessional. Try to avoid
sounding like a high school kid but don’t look like a grandmother, either. It’s about balance.

First things first, explore the area. Get early if your office uses super professional manners and an extra formal tone, each group has its own accepted rules of behavior. We don’t know how the other person will receive our message, your boss in particular. Your communication style must fit your office’s environment.

Please don’t exaggerate, use emoticons once in a while. A smiley face is one thing,
but emoji is still far from a universal language. Don’t send multiple emojis every single time you type, it results annoying. Are you appalling colleagues with your emoticons obsession?

Final important point is to restrict yourself from using them if you aren’t sure who will receive your message or you don’t know the person very well yet. In professional
communication emoji should used to get the toning of your message right, not to
confused people.

Oh wait, I almost forgot!
Hope this was be useful for you, see you around. 🙂

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